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270 awning: How does it go in the wind?

Destination4WD 270 awning WA coastline

Australia’s harsh climate and extreme elements can be the best test for your 270 awning.

Wind. Rain. Snow. Hail. Sun. Heat. Extreme heat!

We are blessed with all the extremes and we had to make sure our 270 awning would last the distance, so you could enjoy it in any scenario and for many years into the future.

There is nothing more disappointing than opening a brand new awning at the beach only to have it break because it can’t stand up to a slight beach breeze.

Because our 4WD awnings are big, and provide massive coverage, one of the most common questions we get asked about our Destination4WD 270 awning (the D270) is “how does it go in the wind?”, followed closely by “what’s the wind rating on these things?”.

In this blog, we are answering those two questions and you’ll also discover some of the scenarios our customers have had their Destination4WD 270 and 180 degree freestanding awnings in.

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How does your 270 awning go in the wind?

To answer this question simply and honestly, our 270 awning goes great in the wind!

It is structurally reinforced at the pivot bracket to withstand high winds when you’re exploring off-road at the beach or in the bush.

It’s been engineered with strategic strength points, including a 4mm stainless steel pivot bracket where much of its reinforced strength is.

Then each arm is made with 4mm alloy at the base and we have created our own extrusion that includes a double chamber and cross bar for added strength.

What’s the wind rating on your 270 awning?

Because of it’s size and coverage (it is 12.4sqm when open), we recommend you tie down at least one corner if the wind exceeds more than 25-30km.

Each Destination4WD 270 awning comes with a tie down kit that includes guy ropes and pegs.

In saying that, we put our products to the test every time we venture out and have had the current awning on our car for over 18 months and through every possible scenario imaginable.

It stood up to hail in the Clare Valley and South Australia’s well-known crazy winds, including 70km gusts at Port Neill, on the Eyre Peninsular.

Our customers, Rob and Georgia told us they had their D270 out in 100km winds in the Blue Mountains.

Ideally, you would pack your awning away if you knew bad weather was coming, however, a lot of the time the weather is unpredictable and it can be too dangerous to pack down. In this case, what we did, was rope down on each corner, and in the middle of each side where the D-rings are. We also had a corner wall kit on our awning at the time we were in Port Neill, which comes with a pole, and this also gave stability.

Your awning came through with flying colours!

Finally got our rig finished with your 270 awning fitted. Great product. On our first weekend away to test out the rig, we had a serious gully-raking storm (with 10-20mm hail) – which was a real test of your awning.

We knew there were storms about so we put a rope on the three corners.

There was damage to people with tents and some caravan awnings were also damaged, but your awning came through with flying colours! No damage at all and the awning was very stable during the storm. I was impressed.

The other thing we like about your awning is that it comes off the vehicle at 90 degrees, which is important for camping rigs with pull-out draws (with stove and sink) that come out from the side of the vehicle.

Lots of awnings come out at an angle, which would not have worked for our rig.

It is a great size and a breeze to setup and, with a little practice, also very easy to pack away.

Would highly recommend this Australian-made product.

Terry Gordon

best 4wd awning Destination4WD 270 awning 4x4 awning review

Ready to extend your shade?

In any case, and with any equipment, please take care in extreme weather and pack away if you know bad weather is coming or get ready for the weather and tie each corner down so you are prepared.

Also, if you’re leaving camp to go fishing or for a bush walk, we recommend tying your awning down, you never know what the weather will do while you’re away.

So why choose a Destination4WD 270 awning?

  1. Easy and quick to set up and use: Takes less than a minute to open.
  2. Completely square: Our 4WD awnings offer square edges to give more shade and protection from the elements, especially a the back of the car where the awning is complete square.
  3. Innovative: The extendable arms are made from our own extrusion and are a completely different design to anything else on the market. Ultimately, that means our 270 awnings open out square to give massive coverage.
  4. Australian made: We use Aussie materials and labour, and our 4WD awnings and accessories are 100 per cent made and assembled in Australia.

With a Destination4WD 270 awning and walls, you’ll buy once and buy right.

Check out our 270 awning and 180 degree awnings, and if you ever have any questions, please get in touch. We are always ready to help you.

Plus, we have plenty of info and video on our social media, at Instagram and YouTube.

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