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Best 4x4 awning review: Sharing customer love

Destination4WD customers love their freestanding D270 and D180 awnings, often sending us emails and telling us when we meet in person. Here is a handful of 4×4 awning review testimonials from our very happy customers who believe this is the best 4WD awning!

Just used and abused my Destination4WD awning for 3 weeks in Cape Yorks' harsh elements - dust and heat. Very happy with my decision to go for this awning, the telescopic arms are a winner for me keeping the packed up awning short, which suits aesthetically, but also less likely to catch obstacles while on the tracks. Plenty of shade whilst quick and easy pack up/setup. Fabrication and canvas is top quality, highly recommend.

Adam Ferguson, D270 user
Chris & Megan

We are the lucky owners of build No.16 and highly recommend the D270. We also included a couple of walls in our purchase. Fast to set up and take down, it’s tough and priced well given its sturdiness compared to most others on the market. Thanks Rafa, we’ve had it up in torrential FNQ storms and in wind with no issues. Going brilliantly.

Miranda, NT

The D180 is bloody brilliant! We are currently on our half lap of Aus and decided to ditch the awning that came with our camper trailer and just use the 180 degree awning off the vehicle. Best decision we made, much quicker set up and half the weight. It has definitely proven its value in the Kimberley’s in the last two weeks.

Alan Woodhouse, Cairns

Bought a Destination 4WD 180 awning, absolutely love it! One minute to set up and about the same to pack it up. I've used it more than I thought because it's easy to use. Rafa was great to deal with also.

Samuel Hughes

Very happy with the awning, so easy to set up. Last night was a great test, raining all night, no leaks and a great sized coverage area. No pooling on the roof!

4x4 awning review: This awning is absolutely the best. It is a stand out for me because it's 100% Australian made, it's free standing (with plenty of tie downs if needed) and it has quality components (stainless steel brackets, powder coated black alloy and Australian quality canvas). The telescopic arms result in a smaller bag which is important as we do a lot of bush track driving and it's less likely to get caught on branches, and the 270 degree awning is huge giving a crazy amount of shade! This awning is well designed, well manufactured and will give years of trouble-free use.

Brett Parfitt, D270 user
Dave Cameron

Fitted awning up this weekend very happy with it thank you.

Chris, FNQ Windscreens

Best investment I've ever made on the van.

Christopher Simos

Can’t wait to use it! Very much looking forward to fitting and using your highly recommended product. Thanks again so much for your service, Rafa.

Janis and Fran, SA

We saw a cruiser outside the Birdsville fuel stop, I took one look at his awning and went up and said "where did you get that?!". He said "I make them!". "Really?!". And that’s how we got the best awning and met the nicest bloke!

4x4 awning review: Hi Rafa, finally got our rig finished with your 270 degree awning fitted. Great Product. On our first weekend away to test out the rig we had a serious gully raking storm (with 10-20mm hail) which was a real test of your awning. We knew there were storms about so we put a rope on the 3 corners. There was damage to people with tents and some caravan awning were also damaged. Your awning came through with flying colours, no damage at all and the awning was very stable during the storm. I was impressed. The other thing we like about your awning is that it comes off the vehicle at 90 degrees which is important for camping rigs with pull out draws (with stove and sink) that come out from the side of the vehicle. Lots of awnings come out at an angle which would not have worked for our rig. It is a great size and no need to be any bigger. A breeze to setup and with a little practice also very easy to pack away. Would highly recommend this Australian made product.

Terry G, D270 user
Our Days Touring

Absolutely love it!

Eric, FNQ

Just fitted my D270 awning to my camper ... great product, love it! One happy customer!

Luke's Life Pix

The massive coverage and quick deployment of the Destination4WD freestanding D270 degree awning is outstanding, raining last night and could still access my fridge without getting wet. Absolutely awesome.

Champion The Wonder

We have opted to go an awesome freestanding D270 awning from Destination4WD. This was our first lil trip trying out the new setup and we are stoked with how things are progressing with this new rig.

Easy to set-up

Been grateful to have this awning on the van when chasing the sun as I made my way north in Western Australia. If you're on the search for fully freestanding awning with a load of coverage, then this 100% Australian made awning is worth checking out.​

Jan and Fran, SA

Our new awning is especially great for the towing vehicle of a Track tailer as it provides sheltered outdoor space with minimum fuss, shade and shelter, and it is tough. Just take one look at it on any vehicle and you can see what that is a quality product, tough as nails, never going to budge. And we love the width and the angles give options for protection.

Greg Bolton, FNQ

Can't rate this awning high enough, I had been looking for a solid freestanding awning for quite awhile, most I'd seen, I didn't believe would last, I could see faults In either design or components, I want to only buy once.. That was until I saw the D270, thick stainless hinge design, reinforced alloy arms, super thick canvass, and 100% Aussie. I have build no 08 had on car for a couple of years now, gets used heaps, it still looks exactly the same as when 1st bolted on, I've only tied it down once. The quality of these awnings is outstanding. Totally built to last a lifetime. Well done Rafa.

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