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Frequently Asked Questions: Best 4WD awning

The best 4WD awning is the one that suits your specific needs, so consider these frequently asked questions when conducting your research – and if you need help, please get in touch.

Destination4WD best 4WD awning FAQs

How heavy is the awning?

The awning is 23kg (25kg including the brackets). 

What is the canvas grade?


Does water pool on the awning?

No, the popup arm in the middle of the canvas allows the water to run off easily. There are also tie downs at strategic points to allow for fast water run-off.

Does water run off the awning on to the car and does the back get wet when the car is open?

No, the awning doesn’t allow for pooling water and it will easily run off your car on the opposite side of the awning. There also the added benefit of the rear flap (what we call a Sun Cap) that can be taken off or left on. The Sun Cap makes sure water doesn’t come into the back of your car by acting as a funnel.

Does it really not need poles?

Yes, the awning has been designed with strength in mind. Rafa wanted an awning for himself that could endure the Australian weather. He couldn’t find one on the market that suited his needs, so he built one. It actually doesn’t need poles because it’s strategically reinforced at specific points for maximum strength, including a 4mm stainless steel base and brackets and 5mm aluminium arms at the base and 2.5mm aluminium arms everywhere else.

Where is the awning made?

Made is Cairns, Australia by Destination4WD. It’s all Australian made and manufactured.

Is it easy to set up?

Yes! It takes about 1 minute to open and about 3 minutes to close it. Watch the video of Rafa opening and closing the D270 freestanding awning here.

What about wind, what’s the wind grade?

You can rest assured the D270 degree free standing awning can withstand up to 30km/hr wind without tying down. When it is really windy, there are ties to tie down each corner. Read more about the wind here.

Destination4WD 270 awning freestanding Cairns Toyota Hilux

The best 4WD awning is that one that suits your needs!

If you’ve got another question, or want to know something specific about your particular vehicle or setup scenario, please contact us directly. We’d love to help you get the best 4WD awning for your needs.

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