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270 degree free standing awning

The Destination4WD D270 4WD awning: This 270 degree free standing awning is a completely new style to the Australian market that will change the way you live outside. It’s completely square, quick to setup, easy to use and Australian made!

Here’s why it’s different:

1. It’s short in length: It’s 2.2m long on your car, but don’t be fooled because it opens out to a massive 12.4sq m.

2. Has extendable arms: Our Destination4WD 270 degree free standing awning has extendable and retractable arms, which means every arm opens out to make the awning larger and completely square, giving 12.4sq m of shade. The stainless steel pins secure the arms in place when the awning is extended and retracted.

3. The awning is super strong: It has a 4mm stainless steel base, which holds the 4x aluminium arms. Each arm is 2mm thick, except at the base where the arms are 4mm thick to give it reinforced strength. Each arm has a solid welded boss that attaches to the base to make it even stronger.

Destination4WD D270 degree free standing awning Australian made and manufactured D-ring to tie down Destination4WD D270 degree free standing awning Australian made and manufactured Destination4WD D270 degree free standing awning Australian made and manufactured stainless steel pins and black plastic cover Destination4WD D270 degree free standing awning Australian made and manufactured reinforced base and boss structure

4. UV and water-resistant canvas: The canvas is an Australian canvas that is UV and water-resistant. It has been designed, made and manufactured for Australia’s harsh conditions.

5. Complimentary brackets secure the awning to your car: The D270 degree free standing awning comes with 2x 3mm stainless steel brackets to secure the awning to your roof rack. They have been carefully created to attach to most roof racks (if you questions about your specific roof rack, please get in touch today).

6. It looks good!: The base pivot bracket is a shiny stainless steel, while the channel and arms have been powder-coated black to give it a sleek look.

7. It’s lightweight: The awning weighs in at 23kg

Buy once, buy right!

Easy and quick to setup: Takes less than a minute to open the Destination4WD D270 and D180 4×4 awnings – and only 3 steps: Zip, rip, click!

Completely square: The D270 and D180 4WD awnings offer square edges to give you more coverage, shade and protection.

Australian made: We use Aussie materials and labour, and our 4WD awnings and accessories are 100% made and assembled in Australia.


About the canvas fabric:

Made from Japara cotton fabric. The Japara cotton fabric is impregnated with a paraffin-based wax and is finely woven into a very strong and durable cloth that is thick in texture, but has a silky feel and look. It is also less susceptible to liquids and other staining elements.

SPECS: It is a superfine woven, 65/35 poly/cotton, plain weave Japara, 39.4 ends per cm, 26.8 picks per cm, 265g/sqm (6oz), which means it’s thick, tough and water-resistant and it can survive huge downpours of water (750mm per min). The Dynaproofed™ process guarantees to be waterproof and every batch of the canvas produced to exacting standards.

The Dynaproofed™ chemical formulation also provides resistance against degradation caused from harmful UV, as well as resistance against bacteria, algae and fungi growth. While the canvas guarantees to be waterproof, the technically superior production system for Dynaproofed™ canvas fabrics ensures the chemical formulation is fully integrated into the base fabric and squeezed into the fibres.


PLEASE NOTE: Given large number roof racks available on the market, you will need to establish the installation process for your particular roof rack. Installation is the responsibility of the customer.

Our awnings come with complimentary brackets, however, they may not suit your roof rack and you may need to look at alternative ways to install your awning. Our brackets have been designed to fit most roof racks, however, they don’t fit 100 per cent of all roof racks without modifications. Please ask us if our awnings will fit your roof rack before your purchase.

If you have a specific questions, please contact us for more information.

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 240 × 25 × 25 cm
Side Options

Left-hand side, Right-hand side

2 reviews for D270 Degree Free Standing Awning (Complimentary brackets)

  1. admin

    100% Aussie – it’s a great product!

    “Totally in love with our D270 awning, it’s small size (packed up) fits the lines of our Prado perfectly, it’s super easy to set up, gives enormous amount of shade, (this thing is huge)!

    We’ve been in market for an awning for over a year. I’ve looked very close at other awnings and always walked away as there’s been some components that I felt could be better for the price, (hinge designs/plastic components/canvas quality/overall build quality of some left me shaking my head).

    Until I saw the D270 from Destination4WD. 4mm alloy arms, heavy stainless hinge, very easy and fast to set up/pack down, extendable arms make it huge, thick but light Aussie canvas and materials, designed and built in FNQ to last, excellent overall build quality, 100% Aussie…

    Yes, we’re very happy with our D270 awning, we see it as a solid investment that greatly improves our 4×4/camping experiences, and will for years too come, great product.”

    Greg and Andrea Bolton
    Cairns, Australia

  2. Terrry Gordon

    Hi Rafa, finally got our rig finished with your 270 degree awning fitted. Great Product. On our first weekend away to test out the rig we had a serious gully raking storm (with 10 – 20mm hail) which was a real test of your awning. We knew there were storms about so we put a rope on the 3 corners. There was damage to people with tents and some caravan awning were also damaged. Your awning came through with flying colours, no damage at all and the awning was very stable during the storm. I was impressed.

    The other thing we like about your awning is that it comes off the vehicle at 90 degrees which is important for camping rigs with pull out draws (with stove and sink) that come out from the side of the vehicle. Lots of awnings come out at an angle which would not have worked for our rig.

    It is a great size and no need to be any bigger. A breeze to setup and with a little practice also very easy to pack away.

    Would highly recommend this Australian made product.

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