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Australia's biggest and best shower tent awning!

The Bathroom Tent Shower Awning is the only kind of its type and size on the market.
It's lightweight, strong and easy to open and pack away

Shower tent awning: Watch it open

What’s bigger than the Destination4WD Bathroom Tent (our version of the humble shower awning)? … Nothing! 

We reckon we’ve got the biggest shower tent awning on the market! And it’s different to anything else out there too.

Its unique trapezoid shape and huge size is what sets this tent apart from others – and you’ll notice that as soon as you open it and step inside.

When it’s closed, it’s the average size of a normal shower tent awning, measuring in at 1.1m on your vehicle, but the magic happens when you open it.

How does this shower awning work?

First of all, the struts are automatic on opening so you don’t have to do any work, just pull one and the rest happens automatically.

Next, click the slide-out extendable arms into place to get another 30cm of space.

And that’s literally it!

Destination4WD bathroom tent front
Destination4WD bathroom tent front

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Easy and quick to setup

The Destination4WD Bathroom Tent shower awning take less than 15 seconds to open with quick action struts and extendable arms (which allow the shower tent to be short on your car at 1.1m)! 

Unique shape and design

Our shower tent awning is the only one of its kind on the market with a trapezoid shape that makes it 1.4m off your vehicle and 1.8m wide  when open.

Australian made

We use Aussie materials and labour, and our 4WD awnings and accessories are 100% made and assembled in Australia.

Why our shower tent awning is different


Our huge Bathroom Tent shower awning spans 1.8m wide and 1.4m from your car – giving you enough room to shower and change without touching the sides or your clothes getting wet. You can also turn it into an ensuite with your toilet and shower. It’s ideal for families with little kids, and best of all, you won’t feel closed in in a 1mx1m square box.


It takes 15 seconds to set up the Bathroom Tent and its high-quality strut (these are the same that Norweld uses) do most of the work for you. Simply unzip, let the canvas material open, pull out one strut, the other strut automatically opens by itself, click the arms out and you’re ready to go.


The Bathroom Tent, like our 270 awning and 180 degree awning, comes with a canvas bag and free mounting brackets, which are powder coated for a schmick look and durable finish.


We have also used our signature extendable (telescopic) black powder coated arms inhale Fram of the Bathroom Tent. This allows the shower tent to open up 30cm wider and bigger than your average shower tent.


The waxed canvas-like material is Australian made and its coating helps the water run off more easily and dry more quickly. Plus, because of its waxy coating, it won’t mould.


Inside, you’ve got pockets on both sides and places to hook your shower caddy and clothes on to. There are ties on the shower curtain to open it back if you have an amazing view with no one else around.


The shower awning also has a zipped area where your gull-wing window can open to your hot water system inside your car.


It also has an optional roof and floor that you can add if you like to create an actual bathroom if you desire.


Like with all our products our Bathroom Tent is all Australian designed, made and assembled. We use Australian material and labour wherever possible.

Ready to upgrade your shower?

If you’re tired of your flimsy overseas shower awning that’s see through and small…

Ready for a shower awning tent that’s high quality and designed, made and assembled in Australia…

And you just want a shower tent that’s simple, easy and big enough that you don’t touch the sides when you’re trying get dressed…


Given large number roof racks available on the market, you will need to establish the installation process for your particular roof rack. Installation is the responsibility of the customer. Our awnings come with complimentary brackets, however, they may not suit your roof rack and you may need to look at alternative ways to install your awning. Our awning and shower tent brackets have been designed to fit most roof racks, however, they don’t fit 100 percent of all roof racks without modifications.

Please ask us if our awnings will fit your roof rack before you purchase.

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Australia's biggest and best shower tent awning!

The Bathroom Tent Shower Awning is the only kind of its type and size on the market.
It's lightweight, strong and easy to open and pack away