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Introducing you to The Destination4WD Bathroom Tent, our version of a shower tent awning! It’s bigger and better than an average shower tent – in fact, it’s massive.

Like our awnings, our take-it-with-you bathroom is massive, different and easy.


Its unique trapezoid shape and huge size is what sets our tent apart from others and you’ll notice it as soon as you open it and step inside.

When it’s closed, it’s the average size of a normal shower tent awning, measuring in at 1.1m on your vehicle, but the magic happens when you open it!

How does the shower awning it work?

First of all, the struts are automatic on opening so you don’t have to do any work, just pull one and the rest happens automatically.

Next, click the slide-out extendable arms into place to get another 30cm of space.

And that’s it – it’s that easy and you’re left with a huge bathroom that spans 1.8m wide and 1.4m from your car – giving you enough room to shower and change without touching the sides.

You can also turn it into an ensuite with your toilet and shower.

And it’s ideal for families with little kids.

Best of all, you won’t feel closed in.

We have been creative and careful in its design so it’s not just your average shower awning, but it’s your personal ensuite and bathroom space while you’re travelling, off the grid or just camping for the weekend.


Our version of a shower awning tent uses the same slide-out, extendable, powder coated arms system that the Destination4WD D270 and D180 awnings have become well-known for.

The arms allow The Bathroom Tent to extend 1.4m off the car and its unique shape gives it its mega size.

It is the only shower tent of its kind on the market.


The brief for our 4WD accessories and products is to always be easy to use. That comes from Destination4WD owner Rafa (“I’m a simple guy and I like simple things!”).

And the Destination4WD bathroom, ensuite, toilet and shower awning tent is no different, only taking 15 seconds to set up, with the quick-action struts doing the work for you.

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 120 × 20 × 20 cm


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