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Hi, we are Rafa Mata and Liz Campbell, from Destination4WD, and our mission is to extend your shade and help you get out there and experience all the adventures and beauty Australia has to offer with our 4WD freestanding awnings and accessories.

About Rafa Mata, 4WD freestanding awning creator

I hail from Venezuela, where I was born and grew up. Now I live in Australia as a permanent resident, after moving here in 2016 for a better way of life – and to make my dream of driving around Australia come true.
Liz Campbell and Rafa Mata Destination4WD 4WD freestanding awnings and accessories
Liz Campbell and Rafa Mata Destination4WD 4WD freestanding awnings and accessories
Destination4WD D270 Customer 4WD Awning 4WD freestanding awning
270 awning Destination 4WD awning Toyota 270 freestanding awning best 4wd awning 4x4 awning review

4WDing has always been part of my life...

I started Destination4WD with 4WD freestanding awnings because I am passionate about 4WDing. This passion began very early on in my life when I started to drive 4WDs at just 10 years old with my Dad.

My first car was a Toyota FJ40 – actually, my second car was also an FJ40!

I’ve only ever owned Toyota Landcruisers (I love them!) and spent many years as a manager for Toyota Venezuela.

In Venezuela, my friends and I competed in 4WD competitions and we also went on adventures in the Amazon, Angel Falls and other iconic locations.

The most challenging experience was getting stuck in mud up to the windows and having to get myself out. It wasn’t “fun” but I appreciated the learning. I’ve also found myself in some hairy 4WD situations here in Australia too – the Gunshot at Cape York was pretty memorable!

You could say I’m a die-hard 4WD enthusiast and I enjoy overlanding as well.

It gives me and my wife, Liz, no greater pleasure than to show you what we get up to on our trips through our videos and posts, and give you as much information as we can so you can also get the most out of your trips. 

We also also use and showcase our Destination4WD D270 and D180 4WD freestanding awnings, which we consider the next generation of free-standing awnings.

About Liz Campbell, Rafa's side kick

Aussie born and bred, Liz Campbell doesn’t have a background in 4×4, nor did she grow up in that world, but fell in love with it on her second date with Rafa when he took her driving on the beach at Bribie Island (and I’ve loved it and him ever since!).

As a journalist, I had experienced many things, including offroad buggy racing and monster trucks. 

I went camping and gemstone fossicking with my family when I was a kid, and have travelled all over Australia and the world, but I’d never experienced 4WDing! And honestly had no idea about 4WD awnings or how important they are! 

I love getting out in nature and exploring different places, so being part of Destination4WD is a dream come true – and my 4×4 driving skills as improving too! 

Knowing what I do now about offroad adventures, a 4WD freestanding awning would be the first thing I’d put on my 4×4.

We stand for looking after each other and the places we visit

For Liz and I, it’s important to showcase the beauty, the communities and people we meet, the friends we make, and the Australian culture and way of life. We are so lucky here, and I know this first hand coming from a country that is also beautiful but not as free.

Destination4WD became a business in 2021

Destination4WD awnings and accessories has grown quickly and is now a successful business selling 4WD freestanding 270 awnings and 180 degree awnings, plus wall kits.

We are proud to make our products in Australia using Australian materials and labour wherever possible. I feel it’s important to do this and give back to the country that opened its arms to me as a migrant who came here with nothing. 

I have only ever felt supported by Australians and the people I have met so far. We’ll be introducing more awesome 4WD awnings and accessories in the future, so stay tuned.

It’s our goal with the Destination 4WD freestanding awnings to make sure you are covered and protected when you’re out there on the road too, living this dream we call the 4WD lifestyle.

What’s next for Destination4WD and our 4WD awnings?

Our dream is to travel around Australia, NZ, the Amazon and Africa (just to start)! We will continue to showcase wherever we are in the world to you and leave the places we visit as we found them – pristine. 

We will introduce you to new people we meet including experts, locals and our resellers to help you on your journey – and of course, any new products we develop. See you out there!

Rafa Mata and Liz Campbell

Our 270 awning suits all 4x4s

Destination4WD 4WD freestanding awnings Troopy
Destination4WD 4WD freestanding awnings 105 series
Destination4WD 4WD freestanding awnings dmax

Easy and quick to setup

Takes less than a minute to open the Destination4WD D270 and D180 4×4 awnings – and only 3 steps: Zip, rip, click! 

Completely square

The D270 and D180 4WD awnings offer square edges to give you more coverage, shade and protection.

Australian made

We use Aussie materials and labour, and our 4WD awnings and accessories are 100% made and assembled in Australia.

Liz Campbell and Rafa Mata Destination4WD 4WD freestanding awnings and accessories
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"I love everything about Australia. Destination4WD is my way to give back to the country that opened the doors to me."
- Rafa Mata
Destination4WD free standing 270 awnings

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Liz Campbell and Rafa Mata Destination4WD 4WD freestanding awnings and accessories

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