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Can I put a 4WD side awning on my camper?

Destination4wd 4wd side awnings for campers

Ever asked (or googled) ‘can I put a 4WD side awning on my camper’? The answer is yes, you sure can.

Installing an awning on to your camper is one of the easiest ways to extend your shade, coverage, protection from the elements while expanding your living space areas when you’re off the grid so you can get make the most of your outdoor adventures.

In this blog, we’re talking about awnings on campers, and which one is right for you, plus we’ll show you some examples of what our Destination4WD customers have done with their campers.

4WD side awnings for your camper

Awnings come in all shapes and sizes from pullout 4WD side awnings to a 180 degree and a 270 degree. Plus there are many additions, like walls, to make these awnings and your living spaces bigger too.

So how do you choose?

All campers are different. Some you enter from the side, some you enter from the back. Some have a kitchen at the back and some at the side.

Like a 4WD vehicle, if you’re going to be using the back your camper a lot, opt for a 270 degree free standing awning that wraps around the back of the camper.

If you don’t, we’d suggest a 180 degree freestanding awning that covers the whole side of your camper.

You might also opt for a shower awning on the other side of your camper (or at the back of it). The configurations for 4WD awnings when you have a camper are endless, but will depend on your set up and how you use your camper.

What’s the difference between a 270 and 180 awning?

In the past, a traditional awning was a square pullout awning with two poles. While you can still get these, the industry has changed and now there are more innovative options for more shade, coverage and protection when you’re travelling or off-roading.

So what is the difference between a 270 awning and 180 awning?

  • 270 awning: A 270 awning wraps around the side and back of your vehicle or camper (270 degrees) to give coverage on the side and at the rear. These are perfect if you use the back of your car or camper a lot or just want more shade for a larger living area.
  • 180 awning: A 180 awning (4WD side awning) opens out 180 degrees and is ideal if you use the side of your camper and don’t utilise the back at all. Typically, a 180 degree free standing awning can be smaller than a 270 awning, however the Destination4WD 270 and 180 are almost the same size, they are just a different shape. With ours, it can swing to the back of the camper, or swing to the front.
We have passenger side and driver’s side options available.

A 4WD side awning is an awesome investment

For many campers and off-roaders, nothing beats the practical function and convenience of a 4WD awning for extending your living areas while camping, or just for a quick spot of shade on an off-road adventure. 

We have customers who have one of our Destination4WD awnings on their vehicle and another one on their camper, so when they unhitch and go exploring, they have an awning on the side of their car to use for day trips.

Check out how our customers are using their 4WD awnings on their campers.

Destination4wd 4wd side awnings for campers
Destination4WD 270 awning freestanding Cairns Australia camper
Destination4wd 4wd side awnings for campers 3
Destination4wd 4wd side awnings for campers

Ready to get a 4WD awning on your camper?

A 4WD side awning on your vehicle will give you extra space, shelter and room for living and sleeping when you need it.

Also, most 4WD awnings have options for walls that can either be velcroed or zipped on. We use velcro to attach ours so it’s easier and quicker. Zips can break and get stuck with dust and dirt.

If you’re ready to put a 4WD side awning on your camper, caravan or even a horse float, we’re ready to answer any questions you have.

Simply contact us or check out the Destination4WD 270 awning or our 180 awning.

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