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Kilometres keep ticking on the Destination4WD journey

Destination4WD Australian made awnings and accessories Rafa Mata

The journey of how Destination4WD evolved is a testament to innovation, resilience, and commitment to crafting premium-quality Australian-made products for outdoor and 4WD enthusiasts.

Destination4WD Australian made awnings and accessories Rafa Mata

2020: D270 awning design happened during COVID

It all began in 2020, amid the challenges of the global pandemic, when the concept of the D270 freestanding awning took shape that Rafa drew on a blank piece of paper while sitting on the bed one afternoon.

Designed with a focus on durability and functionality, Rafa brought his awning to life for adventurers seeking reliable shelter and protection from the harsh Australian outdoors and elements that go with that travelling lifestyle.

Destination4WD Australian made awnings and accessories Rafa Mata

2021: We launched the freestanding awnings at the Cairns Expo

In 2021, after 14 months of dedication and hard work, we proudly launched the D270 freestanding awning at the Cairns Expo.

The reception was overwhelming, with outdoor enthusiasts embracing the awning’s robust design and innovative features.

At that expo, we didn’t know what to expect and people started asking for walls … So on Saturday morning of the expo, having only just launched the awning the day before, our canvas supplier got up before dawn, made a panel wall, and brought it to the expo for us to showcase.

And, we were off and racing from then.

Destination4WD Australian made awnings and accessories Rafa Mata

Later that year came the D180

Wanting to add more products for four wheelers to enjoy, and off the back of calls from customers to have a 180 freestanding awning, Rafa (with some help from suppliers and customers’ feedback) expanded the product line by developing the D180 freestanding awning only a few short months later in that same year.

This launch of the D180 coincided perfectly with the 4WD expos in Adelaide and Perth that year.

While Rafa was away at the 4WD expos that year, we also commissioned a contractor to assemble the awnings while we were gone to keep production moving.

Destination4WD Australian made awnings and accessories Rafa Mata

2022: Then came the Bathroom Tent shower awning

By 2022, Destination4WD continued to firmly establish ourselves as a trusted name in the industry.

Every step of the process, from design to manufacturing, continues to remain in Cairns, Australia, reflecting a commitment to local craftsmanship and Ausse-made quality.

We started work on the garbage bag and shower awning, the Bathroom Tent, to showcase at the 4WD expos that year.

Destination4WD Australian made awnings and accessories Rafa Mata

2023: Destination4WD releases canvas bags and builds team

Building on the business, 2023 marked a pivotal year for Destination4WD.

This was when the team began developing innovative solutions beyond the awnings, focusing on enhancing outdoor organisation with canvas storage bags.

Understanding the practical needs of our customers, we launched a range of canvas storage bags, offering durable and flexible solutions for gear organisation during outdoor adventures.

We also expanded the team, welcoming a dedicated employee to assist in assembling the awnings and another to cut and sew the awnings, plus we moved into a bigger workshop.

Destination4WD Australian made awnings and accessories Rafa Mata

2024: The garbage bag has been a hit

In 2024, Destination4WD took another bold step forward with the launch of the innovative version of the garbage bag (finally), featuring unique saddlebags that could double as backpacks.

This innovative product showcased the team’s skills and innovation in designing functional accessories tailored to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

All of our products are hand sewn and put together by our team of now two sewers.

Destination4WD Australian made awnings and accessories Rafa Mata

The journey continues and the team grows

Today, Destination4WD has a dedicated team of six people, with four craftsmen including Rafa who meticulously design and assemble our 4WD accessories and products.

Complementing their efforts are two team members who handle administrative tasks and marketing.

We also work with a network of providers and suppliers across Australia to help bring the gear to life and get it into the hands of those wanting Aussie-made, superior quality 4WD awnings and accessories.

Each product is meticulously designed and crafted by Rafa and the team to withstand the rigours of the Aussie conditions and what outdoor adventurers need when faced with those harsh realities.

Destination4WD Australian made awnings and accessories Rafa Mata

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