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Should you get a 180 awning?

180 awning Destination4WD Australian made 4x4 free standing awnings and shower awnings

The age old question from four wheelers everywhere … should I get a 180 awning or a 270 awning?!

In the past, a traditional awning was a square pullout awning with two poles. While you can still get these, the industry has changed and now there are more innovative options for more shade, coverage and protection when you’re travelling or off-roading.

Now there are 270 freestanding awnings, 180 awnings that swing to the front or the back, and many other side awning options, shapes and configurations.

In this blog, we’re covering when you should buy a 180 awning and how to decide which 4WD awning is right for you.

What’s the difference between a 270 and 180 awning?

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So what is the difference between a 270 awning and 180 awning?

  • 270 awning: A 270 awning wraps around the side and back of your vehicle or camper (270 degrees) to give coverage on the side and at the rear. In essence, it gives 270 degrees of coverage. These are perfect if you use the back of your car or camper a lot or just want more shade for a larger living area.
  • 180 awning: A 180 awning (4WD side awning) opens out 180 degrees and is ideal if you use the side of your 4WD or camper and don’t utilise the back at all. Typically, a 180 degree free standing awning can be smaller than a 270 awning, however the Destination4WD 270 and 180 are almost the same size, they are just a different shape. With ours, it can swing to the back of the vehicle, or swing to the front.

We have passenger side and driver’s side options available.

Which 4WD awning should you buy?

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Choosing a 4WD awning is no easy task – there’s a lot on the market! But having a freestanding 4WD awning will make a world of difference when you’re out in the unforgiving Australian wilderness (and the heavens open up or the summer sun beats down).

When it comes to choosing the best 4×4 awning, there’s are two main things to think about:

  • Your needs
  • Your vehicle

YOUR NEEDS: When you’re in the market for a new 4WD awning, think about your needs now and in the future too. After all, a 270 awning or a 180 degree awning is an investment and you want it to last so you can use it in the future.

You needs take into account:

  • How often you will use it or plan to use it in the future (for example, a big trip)
  • How you intend to use it (for example, to sleep under, to live under or just to have open when it rains or you need shade)
  • Who will be using it with you (all the family or just you)
  • How much room you actually need under it (for said family!)

YOUR VEHICLE: Generally to attach a 4WD awning to your 4×4 you’ll need a roof rack, roof rails, or custom brackets that attach to your canopy or 4×4 (depending on your set up).

The type of vehicle you have will weigh in on the type of awning you get, for example, if you live out of the back of your 4×4, such as a Troopy, or you have your kitchen in the back end, then we’d recommend a freestanding 270 awning for you.

However, if you have a van or car with a tailgate that lifts up (like a Toyota Fortuner or 300 series), you may decide a 180 degree awning is the best free standing awning for you because you can utilise the tailgate as the rear shelter and have more space under the awning.

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Why should I buy a 180 degree awning?

You would buy a 180 awning if you:

  • Have a van, ute with canopy or vehicle where you regularly use the side more than the back.
  • Wanted more shaded coverage and protection at the side of the your vehicle.
  • Have a camper with a side entrance.
  • Want enough room for all the family and the doggo.
  • Want to have more coverage at the front of the vehicle (our D180 can be configured to swing to the front of your vehicle).
  • You just prefer 180 awning to a 270.

What makes a Destination4WD awning unique?

If you’re looking for a new freestanding awning … Here are three reasons why our awnings are unique.

  1. Telescopic arms will extend your shade where you need it most.
  2. We don’t cut any corners which means our awnings offer you a completely square design.
  3. Thanks to our extendable arms, our awnings pack away in a small bag that is 2.2m long. The awning weighs just 23kg.

If you’re searching for a new awning, check out the Destination4WD Australian-made free standing 4WD 270 and 180 awnings – and extend your shade.

Get your freestanding 4WD awning today!

You can check out our freestanding 270 degree awning and 180-degree awning as part of your research, and if you ever have any questions, get in touch. We are always ready to help you.

And we have plenty of info and videos on our Instagram and YouTube.

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