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Real adventures: What people say about their freestanding awning

Freestanding awning Destiantion4WD Australian made awnings and accessories

From the rugged terrains of the Australian outback to the serene campsites nestled in nature’s embrace, the Destination4WD freestanding awnings have accompanied adventurers on their unforgettable journeys.

In this blog, we are sharing some firsthand experiences and genuine testimonials from our valued customers.

Get ready to be inspired and discover why Destination4WD awnings stand tall as the ultimate companion for your outdoor escapades.

You know you need a new freestanding awning when…

When people buy a freestanding awning, they are often looking to overcome various challenges associated with outdoor activities. Some of these challenges include:

  1. Weather protection

    One of the primary challenges is to shield yourself from the elements. Whether it’s scorching sun, heavy rain, or strong winds, an Aussie-made free-standing awning provides shelter and protection, allowing outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy their activities comfortably regardless of weather conditions.

  2. Limited space

    Another challenge is the limited space available for relaxation, cooking, or socialising during outdoor adventures. Awnings help expand usable space, creating a comfortable area for various activities without feeling cramped or restricted.

  3. Privacy

    Privacy is a concern, especially during camping trips or outdoor gatherings. Freestanding awnings with walls offer a secluded space, allowing you to change or simply enjoy moments of solitude away from prying eyes.

  4. Setup and installation

    Many people face challenges when setting up and installing awnings, especially if they’re complex with too many poles or require too much work. Finding an awning that is easy to install and set up makes the outdoor experience more enjoyable and hassle-free.

  5. Durability and reliability

    People want a freestanding awning that are durable and reliable, capable of withstanding rough outdoor conditions and lasting many years without deteriorating. Ensuring that the awning is made from high-quality materials and is built to withstand wear and tear is essential for peace of mind during outdoor adventures-
Freestanding awning Destiantion4WD Australian made awnings and accessories

Top three reasons people love Destination4WD awnings

Destination4WD freestanding awnings significantly enhance comfort, convenience, and enjoyment during outdoor activities. Offering reliable shelter from the elements, they provide a practical and comfortable space where individuals can relax and enjoy their outdoor experiences without worrying about weather conditions.

Here are the top three reasons people love them:

  1. The telescopic arms keep the awning packed up short, which suits aesthetically, but also less likely to catch obstacles while on the tracks, while quick and easy pack up/setup.
  2. Square edges and plenty of shade.
  3. Fabrication and canvas is top quality.
Freestanding awning Destiantion4WD Australian made awnings and accessories

Here’s what our freestanding awning users are saying

Our customers are expressing their thoughts and experiences about our free-standing, Australian-made awnings, and offer valuable insights into the functionality, durability, and overall satisfaction.

It’s a stand out because it’s Aussie made

This awning is absolutely the best. It is a stand out for me because it’s 100% Australian made, it’s free standing (with plenty of tie downs if needed) and it has quality components (stainless steel brackets, powder coated black alloy and Australian quality canvas). The telescopic arms result in a smaller bag which is important as we do a lot of bush track driving and it’s less likely to get caught on branches, and the 270 degree awning is huge giving a crazy amount of shade! This awning is well designed, well manufactured and will give years of trouble-free use. – Brett Parfitt

Easy to set up

Been grateful to have this awning on the van when chasing the sun as I made my way north in Western Australia. If you’re on the search for fully freestanding awning with a load of coverage, then this 100% Australian made awning is worth checking out – Ryan Formosa, Photographer

Half the weight of others

The D180 is bloody brilliant! We are currently on our half lap of Aus and decided to ditch the awning that came with our camper trailer and just use the 180 degree awning off the vehicle. Best decision we made, much quicker set up and half the weight. It has definitely proven its value in the Kimberley’s in the last two weeks – Miranda, NT

Freestanding awning Destiantion4WD Australian made awnings and accessories

Very happy with my decision, highly recommend

I just used and abused my Destination4WD awning for 3 weeks in Cape Yorks’ harsh elements – dust and heat. Very happy with my decision to go for this awning, the telescopic arms are a winner for me keeping the packed up awning short, which suits aesthetically, but also less likely to catch obstacles while on the tracks. Plenty of shade whilst quick and easy pack up/setup. Fabrication and canvas is top quality, highly recommend – Adam Ferguson

Tents were damaged, but the freestanding awning wasn’t

Great product. On our first weekend away to test out the rig we had a serious gully-raking storm (with 10-20mm hail) which was a real test of your awning. We knew there were storms about so we put a rope on the 3 corners. There was damage to people with tents and some caravan awnings were also damaged. Your awning came through with flying colours, no damage at all and the awning was very stable during the storm. I was impressed. Would highly recommend this Australian made product – Terry G, QLD

It’s tough and sturdy, and priced well in accordance

We are the lucky owners of build No.16 and highly recommend the D270. We also included a couple of walls in our purchase. Fast to set up and take down, it’s tough and priced well given its sturdiness compared to most others on the market. Thanks Rafa, we’ve had it up in torrential FNQ storms and in wind with no issues. Going brilliantly – Chris and Megan

Freestanding awning Destiantion4WD Australian made awnings and accessories

I took the plunge got one

I invested in a 270 degree awning about a year ago from these guys and while I wasn’t sure what to expect paying top dollar I took the plunge anyway and can genuinely say I have not one single regret. Both the product and the company are some of the best I’ve ever experienced. Big shoutout to Rafa and the team, keep doing what you’re doing – Matt Ragonese

Ready to upgrade after these 4x4 awning review testimonials?

If you’re ready to upgrade your existing vehicle-mounted freestanding awning to the best 4WD awning after reading our customers’ 4×4 awning review testimonials to a Destination4WD freestanding 4×4 awning … you’re in the right place! Check out our freestanding 270 awning and 180 degree awning today!

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