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3x 4WD awning maintenance tips (so it lasts for years!)

Destination 4WD awning care and maintenance tips

Awning maintenance … not typically something you think about, but it’s important for the longevity of your investment.

There are three things we recommend to maintain the superior quality of your 4×4 awning, and especially if you have a Destination 4WD awning.

Destination4WD freestand 4WD awning maintenance zip it up

1. Care for your awning when in use

Take care when opening and closing your 4WD awning. While a good one is hardy and can withstand high winds and heavy downfalls, it’s still important to look after it. 

Your awning will bear the brunt of some fierce situations – Australia is known for its out-of-nowhere storms, crazy winds and harsh conditions. 

If you are leaving your campsite, be sure to tie your awning down so it stays intact if the weather changes while you’re away – for example, if you go for a bush walk or fishing out in your tinnie.

We also recommend to our customers that they tie their Destination4WD awning down at night time too, then you can get a good night’s sleep knowing your awning is safe and secure.

It can be easy to pack up in a rush to get on the road to your next adventure. However, taking care when packing away your awning is also important. Pack it away properly and make sure the guy ropes, arms and canvas are tucked away and zipped up.

2. Check it over after a big trip

This tip comes from experience and driving over thousands of kilometres of corrugation. As you may know too, screws, nuts and bolts tend to get loose after some rough road conditions.

We recommend that after a big trip you check that your awning is still tightly secured to the brackets and roof rack. Grab a spanner if the nuts and bolts have become loose.

Destination4WD freestand 4WD awning maintenance open it carefully

If you are planning to travel over rough roads – we’re talking about the Gibb River Road, the corrugated road into Lawn Hill Gorge and any of the number offroad off-grid tracks out there – check the whole car over, but also check that your awning is still attached securely.

Destination4WD freestand 4WD awning maintenance secure it tightly

3. Clean your 4WD awning if it’s dirty

If you’re like us and love a good offroad track and trip, you’re whole setup is bound to get dusty and dirty. Use a soft damp cloth to wipe down the powder coated (black) channel and arms. 

And a soft wet cloth to spot clean the canvas. Be gentle when doing this so you don’t damage the fabric or rub off the waterproof coating.

And always remember to allow your 4WD awning to dry before packing it away, whether you have cleaned it or it’s been raining overnight.

Buy once, buy right with Destination4WD 4WD awnings Australia

Need a new free standing 4WD awning (because yours is broken or getting ready for a big trip)? You’re in safe hands with Destination4WD awnings.

We stand by the superior quality of our awnings because they are made tough by Aussie tradies from all-Aussie materials so you know they will withstand the harsh Australian conditions – and won’t break the first time you use them.

A Destination4WD freestanding, Australian made and assembled awning is in an investment in your 4×4 vehicle, setup, trip and protection with instant shade whenever you need it.   

And you’ll be jumping for joy when it’s pouring rain or extremely hot and your awning just works – every time! That’s Destination4WD 4WD awnings Australia!

Destination4wd landcruiser 105 customer awning picture 1
Destination4WD Norweld canopy with D270 freestanding awning

PS – check out our Instagram page for more customer 4WD awnings Australia (and around the world) and the Destination4WD awnings and accessories.

And we have plenty of videos over on YouTube on how to open, close and look after your Destination4WD freestanding awning. Check it out here!

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