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3 things you need to know about our freestanding 4WD awning

Destination4WD freestanding 4wd awning fun with friends

A freestanding 4WD awning that’s designed to give you more of everything … More shade. More coverage. More adventures!


And they are innovative and clever in their design. We’ve done a lot of research and development to design a freestanding 4WD awning that is strong and robust to handle the harsh Australian climate and weather so it performs when you need it most – rain, hail or shine.


The Australian-made Destination4WD awnings offer three unique functions that make this awning one of the best on the market.


Destination4WD freestanding 4wd awning


We reckon, a free standing 4WD awning has got to be one of the best and most useful investments an explorer can make – and even better if it’s Australian made.

DESIGN FEATURE 1: Extendable arms

The extendable arms is where the magic happens. Our awnings are easy and quick to set up and use.

It takes less than a minute to open the Destination4WD D270 and D180 4WD awnings – and only 3 steps: unZip, undo velcro and listen to the locking pins click!

The extendable arms are exactly how they sound. Three of the four arms extend out and click into place to give you more shade and coverage from the elements.

That means your awning can be short and compact on your vehicle when closed (2.2m when closed) and open out to a massive size when open (up to 12.4sq m).

This allows our D270 degree freestanding awning to be completely square, especially at the back. That means no cut-in angles, just a square edge.

Destination4WD freestanding 4wd awning popup arm


There are not many awnings that have what we call a pop-up arm to create a pitched roof in the middle of the awning. We often get asked why you need the pop-up arm and do you have to pop it up.

It’s very much an important feature of the awnings and here’s why:

DESIGN FEATURE 2: The “pop-up” arm

The pop-up arm on our D270 and D180 awnings has been designed to:

  • Stop water from pooling 
  • Allow rain water to run off the Australian-made canvas (260gsm) quickly
  • Lift the canvas up for more airflow on hot days

Want to know more about the pop-up arm? Watch the video here.

Destination4WD freestanding 4wd awning strategic strength points


Take them anywhere! Put them on anything! If it’s time for an upgrade to an all-Aussie-made 4WD awning, get your hands on our next-gen awnings and get out there and experience a better adventure.

The D270 and D180 awnings have been designed with strategic strength points in the pivot bracket, the arms and the mounting brackets.

While we use stainless steel for the pivot bracket, we use thick alloy for everything else to keep our awnings lightweight at 23kg each.

DESIGN FEATURE 3: Strength points

The D270 and D180 awnings offer a strong 4mm stainless steel pivot bracket that holds the arms in place. Each arm is a solid 4mm aluminium at the base extending out to 2mm at the ends to keep it light but strong. Each arm is securely welded to a thick alloy boss, which then attaches to the pivot bracket. We also offer 2x complimentary 3mm stainless steel mounting brackets with each awning purchase

Made and assembled right here in Australia

We use Aussie materials and labour, and our 4WD awnings and accessories are 100% made and assembled in Australia.

You can never have enough shade and protection from the elements when you’re out and about – and the Destination4WD D270 and D180 free standing 4WD awning will always have you covered.

Buy once, buy right with our D270 and D180 awnings and accessories. If you’re ready to get out there and experience more adventures and need a freestanding 4WD awning, we’ve got your covered. Read our Destination4WD customer reviews

Check out our free standing 270 awning and if you ever have any questions, get in touch. We are always here to help and answer any questions you have. And we have plenty of info and video on our Instagram and YouTube.


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