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7 ways to use your 270 freestanding awning this summer

Destination4wd 270 freestanding awning Norweld

Summertime when the the weather is fine … but sometimes it’s not all sunshine and clear skies though, is it?

In fact, your summer holiday, weekend away or extended road trip can turn pretty unpleasant when Mother Nature hits the  extreme button … Snow, hail, torrential rain, we’ve got it all here in Oz.

So a 4WD awning will come in pretty handy, and we reckon a 270 freestanding awning will improve your camping situation out of sight.

The best 270 awning offers a ginormous amount of shade, plenty protection from the rain and anything else Mother Nature has to the throw at you, and is easy to pack away and just as quick too.

Here are 7 ways you can use your freestanding 4WD awning this summer (or at any time of year!).

Destination4wd 270 freestanding awning beach

1. At the beach

Nothing says “we live in the best place on earth” quite like a day at the beach, with the BBQ heating up and your 270 freestanding awning open for the shade.

Our Destination4WD 4×4 awnings offer maximum shade at 12.4 square metres – that’s space for the whole family, a couple of mates and the doggo!

2. At the creek

Roll out the swag and get set up a few days of pure relaxation. You won’t know yourself!

You can turn your awning into a room in a matter a few minutes.

Open your 270 freestanding awning and add a corner wall kit as a wind and weather break and some added privacy.

Destination4wd 270 freestanding awning family

3. With a set of walls

Many of our customers drive their 4WD right down to the water’s edge and use their 270 awning as their shade structure while they swim (or just lounge) under it.

Beats setting up a gazebo that’s likely to fly away with breath of wind, don’t you think?

Seriously, how good is this?!

4. With your family

The beauty of having a freestanding 4WD awning (with no poles) is that it’s quick and easy to set up, so that means your family can get under the shade and into the cool in a less than a minute.

Protect your family from the sun, rain and harmful UV rays.

Destination4wd 270 freestanding awning family
Destination4wd 270 freestanding awning mates

5. With your mates

There’s nothing better than a trip away with your mates, and how awesome is it when you can all fit under the awning for lunch!?

When you’ve got the biggest 270 awning, everyone is coming to your place!

6. With a swag

What’s better than a swag under your awning?

A swag, a stretcher, your chair, clothesline and so on!  Many people still opt for a swag under their 270 freestanding awning as their sleep and shelter arrangement because it’s quick and easy, and saves on space. We travelled for years with a swag under our awning, upgrading with a stretcher recently.

Destination4wd 270 freestanding awning swag
Destination4wd 270 freestanding awning camper trailer

7. On your camper

Many people are now upgrading to a freestanding 270 awning on their camper trailer because it means you can unhitch the camper, create a base camp and head off for some new adventures in the fourby.

We’ve got clients who have an 270 awning on their 4×4 and another one on their camper so they are well and truly covered.

If you're ready to get out there and need a 4WD awning ... we know a guy!

We have been lucky to visit many amazing places in Australia and feel privileged that our Destination4WD allows us to travel (to expos and to test our new products), see amazing places and meet the most incredible people.

If you’re ready to get out there and experience more adventures and need a freestanding 4WD awning, we’ve got your covered. Read our Destination4WD customer review here

Check out our free standing 270 awning and if you ever have any questions, get in touch. We are always here to help and answer any questions you have.

And we have plenty of info and video on our Instagram and YouTube.

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