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Blencoe Falls: Experience the beauty of this stunning place

Blencoe Falls – if you suffer from a fear of heights, your stomach might do a flip (or 10) when you see just how high you are from the ground at the Blencoe Falls Lookout.

It’s not the only thing that will take your breath away … the falls themselves are absolutely stunning.

From the Blencoe Falls Camping Area in the Girringun National Park where we stayed, we walked the 2.2km (one way) to the falls – and while it is cross-country and you feel every undulating hill – it is worth the walk if you’re into fitness and enjoy a good bushwalk, and it is also worth the view at the other end.

Blencoe Falls and Blencoe Falls Camping Area | Destination4WD Rafa Mata

Blencoe Falls: Getting there

Blencoe Falls Camping Area is about a four-hour drive from Cairns or Townsville.

From Cairns, we came down through Mt Garnet. The road was sealed until we turned off the main highway, and then It was gravel. We didn’t need 4WD, however, Google Maps will tell you it’s only accessible by 4WD.

Along the way you’ll see cattle on the road, so do take care.

Leaving the camping ground

We took a different way back to Cairns, winding down the Kirrama range, which is scenic with beautiful lookouts over the Cardwell Ranges and Kennedy Valley, however, if you get motion sickness be prepared. This road is more like a goat track, very steep and extremely windy in parts.

Blencoe Falls and Blencoe Falls Camping Area | Destination4WD Rafa Mata

Where to stay at Blencoe Falls

There is only one place to stay, the Blencoe Falls Camping Area, and while the website says there is camping for 50+ people, there is, but it’s spread out into sections with some up to 1km away from end to end. In the section where we stayed, it was big enough for us and friends, if we were travelling with people, but it would have been too close and a bit awkward if someone else wanted to camp in there with us.

In saying that, the campsites are lovely and all of them are on the water. The best one – and the one we would like to stay at next time is at the very end inside the signed camping area. It’s on rock and overlooks a small waterfall! Amazing!

The sites are suitable for rooftop tents, camper trailers and ground tents. Not all sites are suitable for a ground tent as some are on rock and not all of the sites are flat. There is also a walk-in camping area.

Other things you should know

  • If you have Telstra you may get one or two bars and we had full reception at the toilet block.

  • There are two toilet blocks. We had to take our own toilet paper.

  • There are no showers.

  • Campfires are allowed in the camping areas, but remember it’s a national park, so bring your own firewood.

  • You can have a generator.

Blencoe Falls and Blencoe Falls Camping Area | Destination4WD Rafa Mata

Interesting topic for conversation: Are there crocs at Blencoe Falls?

There is a sign when you enter the designated camping area that talks about crocs and being croc wise at Blencoe Falls, which freaked us out a bit.

However, on closer inspection, it is said to be croc wise along the Wet Tropics Great Walk as the walk traverses the mountainside, cascading down to the bottom of the falls and the Herbert River, where there are crocodiles.

We asked a couple who had been to the camping area (which is on Blencoe Creek) before if you could swim in Blencoe Creek. There were no signs to say you can’t, and there were people swimming.

Blencoe Falls and Blencoe Falls Camping Area | Destination4WD Rafa Mata

What you can do there

Relax, relax, relax! There are two major walks … the Jabalí Walk, which is the one to the falls. It’s about 5km return and will take 1.5-2 hours walking time.

The second is the epic 43km Juwan Walk, for which we are told takes 4-6 days.

You can also:

  • Swim and frolic in the water.

  • Birdwatch and anything to do with nature.

  • Use your photography skills

  • Read

  • Play games and cards

  • Share a cheese board and a vino

We had a lovely two nights there and could have easily stayed longer.


Blencoe Falls: A great spot for the D270 awning

The Destination4WD D270 degree free-standing awning is a completely new style of awning to the Australian market that will change the way you live outside.

Here’s why it’s different:

Destination4WD D270 degree free standing awning Australian made and manufactured aerial view
  1. It’s short in length. When it’s closed it is 2.2m.
  2. It has extendable arms to make it larger and give more shade when open.

  3. The awning is strategically reinforced for extra strength.

  4. It is UV and water-resistant Australian-made canvas for our harsh conditions.

  5. It has reinforced stainless steel brackets that secure the awning to any roof rack.

  6. It looks sleek with black powder-coated arms!

  7. It’s lightweight at 23kg.

Blencoe Falls: Watch the video here

Meanwhile, you can check out our Instagram for the latest news, tips and how to use our freestanding 4WD awnings.

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