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Is a shower awning tent really worth it?

shower awning tent Destination4WD Australian made 4x4 free standing awnings and shower awnings

Ask anyone who loves to free camp and get off the beaten track if a vehicle-mounted shower awning tent is worth it and we bet they’ll say yes!

We travelled for years with a portable pop-up shower tent, and it did us well, but when you start getting serious about four wheeling and travelling, the last thing you feel like doing after a long day’s drive is to spend time setting up and pegging down a portable shower tent.

Which is why we designed the biggest shower tent awning on the market – we call it a Bathroom Tent because it’s that big.

In this blog, you’ll learn all about shower awning tents so you can make a decision if you want to invest in one.

Where do people shower when they go camping?

Destination4WD bathroom tent shower awning shower tent awning

There are three main options when it comes to showering while camping – provided you are not staying in a campground with amenities.

  1. Shower awning tent
  2. Pop-up shower tent
  3. Stand-alone shower rose

Back in the day you might have set up a tarp and hung a shower bag from a tree.

People still do this, but camping goods have come a long way and now, if you don’t have a shower hot water system already set up in your 4×4, you can get a small shower with a pump and bucket or some other sort of portable water container.

Of course, for many, the ultimate dream is a hot water system with a switch you just flick on.

  • Shower awning tent: Many people have a 270 or 180 awning on one oldie of the 4×4 and a shower tent on the other because it’s easier and takes way less time to set up (generally!). There’s really nothing better than a hot shower after a few days of camping in the bush or by the beach.

  • Popup shower tent: If you’re staying somewhere for a few days and you don’t intend to move, a popup shower tent is ideal. Just make sure it’s pegged down as they do have a tendency to get blown away!

  • Stand-alone shower rose: Depending on where you’re camping and how isolated you are, you may be open to this if there’s no one around.

Is a shower awning tent really worth it?

Destination4WD bathroom tent shower awning shower tent awning2

shower awning tent is a perfect solution for those who want an outdoor shower experience but don’t have access to facilities or amenities because they are remote, off the grid, or in a free camp with no amenities.

Much of the time now national parks and even free camps will call for travellers to be self-contained at least with a toilet and sometimes grey water too.

In this regard, having a shower tent gives you privacy to use your portable toilet and have a shower in peace (and sometimes with an amazing view!).

Most shower awning tents only take a few minutes to set up, but depending on the size and brand, the room inside will differ.

While most say there’s plenty of room for your clothes or other personal items, we haven’t really found this to be all that true. Most shower awning tents are about 1mx1m square and in this amount of room your clothes are likely to get wet.

The Destination4WD shower awning tent

What’s bigger than the Destination4WD Bathroom Tent (our version of the humble shower awning)? … Nothing!

We reckon we’ve got the biggest shower tent awning on the market! And it’s different to anything else out there too.

Its unique trapezoid shape and huge size is what sets our tent apart from others and you’ll notice it as soon as you open it and step inside.

When it’s closed, it’s the average size of a normal shower tent awning, measuring in at 1.1m on your vehicle, but the magic happens when you open it.

How does this shower awning it work?

Destination4WD bathroom tent shower awning shower tent awning4
Destination4WD bathroom tent shower awning shower tent awning5

First of all, the struts are automatic on opening so you don’t have to do any work, just pull one and the rest happens automatically.

Next, click the slide-out extendable arms into place to get another 30cm of space.

And that’s literally it!

How is the Desintation4WD shower awning tent different from others?

  • MASSIVE SIZE: Our huge Bathroom Tent spans 1.8m wide and 1.4m from your car – giving you enough room to shower and change without touching the sides or your clothes getting wet. You can also turn it into an ensuite with your toilet and shower. It’s ideal for families with little kids, and best of all, you won’t feel closed into a 1mx1m square box.
  • EASY TO SET UP: It takes 15 seconds to set up the Bathroom Tent and its high-quality strut (these are the same that Norweld uses) do most of the work for you. Simply unzip, let the canvas material open, pull out one strut, the other strut automatically opens by itself, click the arms out and you’re ready to go.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The Bathroom Tent, like our 270 awning and 180 degree awning, comes with a canvas bag and complimentary mounting brackets, which are powder coated black for a schmick look and durable finish.
  • EXTENDABLE ARMS: We have also used our signature extendable (telescopic) black powder coated arms inside the frame of the Bathroom Tent. This allows the shower tent to open up 30cm wider and bigger than your average 1m square shower tent.
  • QUICK-DRY MATERIAL: The waxed canvas-like material is Australian made and its coating helps the water run off more easily and dry more quickly. Plus because of its waxy coating, it won’t mould.
  • ORGANISED: Inside, you’ve got pockets on both sides and places to hook your shower caddy and clothes on to. There are ties on the shower curtain to open it back if you have an amazing view with no one else around.
  • ACCESS TO GULL WING: The shower awning also has a zipped area where you can access your gull-wing window that opens to a hot water system inside your car.
  • OPTIONAL FLOOR AND ROOF: It also has an optional roof and floor that you can add if you’d like to create an actual bathroom.
  • AUSTRALIAN MADE: Like with all our products our Bathroom Tent is all Australian designed, made and assembled. We use Australian material and labour wherever possible.

Take a look at the Destination4WD Bathroom Tent shower awning and please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about measurements or how to fit it to your 4×4.

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